We are Anything but Ordinary


From grey boardrooms to colour-filled days

2021 was a weird year. Whilst the world was turning upside down, we thought “f*ck it” and decided now was the time to roll the dice and bet on ourselves. After taking a year out to experiment, research and discover what makes us tick… by 2022 Anything but Ordinary was created.

We jumped out of the corporate world, headfirst into the unknown to follow our passion for colourful clothes. Scary… yes, but with 20+ years of marketing and branding experience in our bag, we knew we had this.

Our ultimate dream was to work for ourselves, have control of our own time and decisions and really put our passion and enthusiasm into creating something special.

We are Nat and Sarah, best friends for 15 years having met in the office as young ambitious women with a zest for life, colour and a life less ordinary. We’ve had many amazing shenanigans together, Vegas, New York, London, Paris. But our hearts are in Manchester; we are northern girls through and through.

As strong women, we are bold, loud and proud of who we are. Anything but Ordinary is part of our journey to become more authentic, happy and passionate about bringing confidence and joy to women like us.

Anything but Ordinary…

  • Makes feel good clothing & accessories for people like us – unique, weird and wonderful
  • Loves colour and how it can change our mood
  • Believes what you wear should make you feel alive, comfortable and confident
  • Creates Colour Joy… those days when you put on something colourful and it makes you and those around you just feel good. The feeling radiates out of our faces. We call that feeling Colour Joy.
  • Is a place that celebrates being exactly who you are and knowing that that is what makes you Anything but Ordinary

We’re no Greta Thunberg, but sustainability matters to us.

We’re not the high street; we’re a small independent business. As strong advocates of slow fashion, we purposely don’t mass produce our designs. When you choose your clothing, the colours and statements are personal to you, and we hand-print your clothing and bags only when you’ve ordered them. Our unique statement products are developed and created by us, right here in Manchester.

We keep our supply base small and ensure that all garments are WRAP (Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production) certified or members of BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative). All garments are PETA-Approved.

Join our growing community of like-minded people, who are fun, real and love bright colours and wear 'em loud vibes.